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"Velvet Goldmine is a valentine to the sounds and images that erupted in and around London in the early 1970's: Brian Ferry, David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Lou Reed - and the extraordinary inversions they imposed on our notions of the performance, sexuality and idenity. Glam rock was the product of the last truly progressive decade we've seen in the West - a climate of great possibility and openness - that resulted in important social movements, amazing cinema, and some fantastic music. And because glam rock would challenge with style, and wit, any leaning toward 'the natural' in society, drawing heavily as it did from underground gay culture, the film commemorates Oscar Wilde as the original glam rocker, the one who knew to speak the truth only through the most exquisite of lies."

~Todd Haynes, Velvet Goldmine Writer/Director

This is my valentine to the film, Velvet Goldmine, one of the most imaginitive, breathtakingly beautiful films I've seen in a long time. I think the best way to play tribute to this film is displaying images and words said about the film.

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