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Before I even had a chance of seeing this movie, I had planned to devote a webpage to it. Seems I wasn't the only one! :) Check out these other great Velvet Goldmine sites.

The Official Velvet Goldmine Website-really nice site, with lots of great stuff.

Venus, The Velvet Goldmine Fan Planet-a fun, imaginative page.

The Ballad of Maxwell Demon

Velvet Spacetime

Kay's Velvet Goldmine site

Velvet Goldmine Glitter Page

Gold Lame`!!!-cute fansite!

-the best Ewan site on the web! And...chances are if you need more Curt photos, she's got 'em!

-from the fan who brought you Ewanspotting comes this equally fabulous site, for our very own Brian Slade.

-official site for Christian Bale, a necessary stop for all Baleheads!

The Official Eddie Izzard page-here's one bloke in a dress I love!

Pearl in the Shell-Toni Collette fansite

if you use any of the pictures i have on my page, please give a link back to this webpage.